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Friday, March 30, 2018

DevilSpeak - See Evil, Hear Evil, Speak Evil

DevilSpeak is a 5 piece Death/Thrash Metal band based in Cape Town, South Africa. The name DevilSpeak is a play on words of the Devil's Peak Mountain in Cape Town. DevilSpeak is Jarred Williams on Vocals, Azaliyah Bester on Ryhthm Guitar, De Wet Loots on Lead Guitar,  Derrick Leppan on Bass and Francois Meyer on Drums. They have released their "WICKED" debut EP entitled "See Evil Hear Evil Speak Evil" on digital, with a physical CD to be released shortly. The EP features 3 killer tracks : Honoured By The Bleeding, Unearth Hell & Internal Shrapnel.  The physical CD is going to be very kool !! It will have an unusual gatefold digipak design which unfolds into the shape of a cross. WICKED !!  4 pieces of art that have been done for the EP cover: Skellie the mascot and a piece done for each part of the title. This means See Evil is depicted, Hear Evil is depicted and Speak Evil is depicted. Each track on the EP is also being associated with one of the pieces of art. In 2017 DevilSpeak was nominated for and won the award for Best Thrash Metal Band at the South African Metal Music Awards. If you're looking for killer riffs and music that's like taking body blows from a world champion boxer, look no further !! DevilSpeak won't just ravage you're body, but they also deliver a killer knockout punch !! You can also pay with crypto currency at this site Steemit Check out their links and remember to : LLB !! Listen to it, Like it, Buy it !! Give the album a listen below \m/\m/


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