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Friday, November 27, 2015

Vol 653 JUSTIN's inSANE picks !!


                 "LLB !! "Listen , Like , Buy" a song or Full album :-)  Some bands also offer FREE downloads of some of their music as well. Check your local record stores for their music & merchandise !! In Moncton drop in and see Karl at Frank's MusicSupport INDIE music !! Buy a CD, T-shirt or go see a LIVE show !! You don't only have a kickASS time , but you help support the artist too !! Welcome to the asylum, where the walls are padded and the music's LOUD !! Justin Sane is a radio DJ from Maine,USA who plays, promotes, lives & breathes INDIE music !!  His radio show is interactive(live chat), crazy, fun and features the best INDIE bands !! Featured on today's inSANE  picks : Beyond The Fall(ME/U.S.), Sygnal To Noise(ME/U.S.) & Break The Skin(ME/U.S.) !!  THE JUSTIN SANE SHOW !!  The best fucking ROCK radio show on the PLANET !!  Check out Justin on these great radio stations, with links and showtimes listed below : 


All bands featured on this week's inSANE picks will be appearing at this event in Lewiston, Maine on Dec 5th at The Cage. This event will be hosted by none other than Justin Sane of The Justin Sane Show, so ya know it's gonna be a crazy kickASS night of KILLER INDIE music featuring : Beyond The Fall, Sygnal To Noise & Break The Skin !!

Hard hitting melodic rock
with a heavy groove !!
Beyond The Fall - Till We Die
Location : Auburn, Maine
Genre : Rock
Band members : Matt Fournier - Vocals, Eric Wright - Guitar, Geoff Whiteley - Bass, Tony Cortez - Drums
Influences : Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust, Godsmack
Upcoming live shows : Dec 5  Lewiston,ME,US   @"The Cage"
Latest release : Face The Music (2012)

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Wicked pissah hard rock 
and roll with a lethal bite !!
Sygnal To Noise - Punch The Clown
Location : Biddeford, Maine
Genre : Rock
Band members : Coopa - Lead Vocals/Guitar, "Dirty Dave" Graham - Guitar, James Leonard - Guitar, Casey Chick - Bass, Austin Cooper - Drums Influences : AC/DC, The Ramones, Black Sabbath
Upcoming live shows : Oct 3
Augusta,ME,US @"Bridge Street Tavern"
Latest release : Under Construction

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Mr Big Head says : Killer metal,
killer riffs, killer vocals + KILLER !! 
Break The Skin - Sik Tyrant
Location : Portland, Maine
Genre : Rock
Band members : Brian Estabrook - Vocals, Kris Beaudoin - Guitar, Chris Weston - Guitar, Stephen Leppanen  - Bass, Nick Villacci - Drums
Influences : Deftones, Staind, Incubus
Upcoming live shows : Dec 5 Lewiston,ME  @"The Cage"
Latest release :

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Keep on ROCKIN !!
Trike :-)

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Have a safe and ROCKIN Thanksgiving to all my American friends !! Cheers :-)
Keep on ROCKIN !! 
Trike :-)