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Monday, August 24, 2015

Vol 631 New Music Submissions !!

                    Today on Trike's Trax, we are checking out new music that has been submitted to the blog by 3 artists. Milo McMahon, The Foreign Films & Elissa Mieke !! Give them a listen and check out their links. Remember the Trike's Trax motto : LLB !! Listen, Like, Buy !!

                         Milo McMahon's new EP, "Who I Knew" was released July 14/2015, with the first single, the fantastic  "Caveman". The songs blend aspects of alt folk, surf core, and screef rock. The music is derived from Milo's transatlantic upbringing  in Ireland to his summers planting trees in northern Canada. 5 years ago, Milo made the full-time commitment to a music career by moving from Dublin to Toronto, eventually settling in Montreal. This is his third release following the critically accliamed 'Big City Hustle LP' and 'Gone Too Long', an EP featuring collaborations with members of Blood and Glass, Suuns and producer Dave Newfeld (Broken Social Scene). You can see Milo McMahon live on his tour with a stop in Moncton,NB Aug 30 @Plan b Lounge !! Here is a list of other live dates : Aug 24 St John's,NL   @"The Levee", Aug 27 Corner Brook, NL   @"Swirsky's'', Aug 28 Stephenville, NL   @"Clancy's Pub", Sep 8 Peterborough, ON   @"The Spill", Sep 9 Hamilton, ON   @"Homegrown"


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                                Bill Majours aka The Foreign Films has released Side 3 of a double LP on July 15/2015. Majours who resides in Hamilton, Ontario says the full double album "The Record Collector" will be released early 2016. Each side of the double album represents a time period of approx three months, so the album was literally a year-long experiment in songwriting. This all started on Bill's birthday. A very kool way to release a double album, 1 side at a time. Side 3 is comprised of powerful sweeping pop ballad infused with a sense of urgency that can be traced back to some of Bill's greatest influences like the Kinks, Nick Drake and even the Beach Boys, Zombies and The Beatles. Music that's catchy with great hooks and has been called cinematic, psychedelic pop !! Side 3 is so good it leaves you salivating for side 4 !! 



                                Having been in problematic situations with producers and major labels over the last few years, Elissa Mieke needed to make something honest and raw. For this EP, she worked with Don Kerr and Howie Beck (Feist, Hayden, Bahamas), people that she trusts. Kerr records out of his house, which provides a very relaxed atmosphere. They did the vocals in his dining room and the instruments in his basement, thus allowing Mieke to fully re-connect with the feeling she  had when she wrote the songs- in Toronto, Tokyo, London- and to go back to that moment. Growing up in a forest in Ontario, she spent much of her childhood recording songs on her  tape player and mailing them to radio stations. Mieke has played shows for many years, but when she finished university she needed to make money somehow to focus on music. She started modelling and acting part time, learning more about herself as an artist. These songs were largely written on those travels- in Tokyo, London, New York, and LA. Elissa says "Everywhere I go changes me and helps me grow as an artist and a human". The EP will be released Aug 28/2015 with the fantastic leadoff single "Sleeping Alone" out now !!


Keep on ROCKIN !!
Trike :-)

Sunday, August 16, 2015


                    Welcome to the madness. METAL MADNESS that is !! "LLB !! "Listen , Like , Buy" a song or Full album !! Links provided !! Some bands also offer free downloads of some of their music as well !! Check out some awesome "METAL" !!    Follow them on Twitter , Like them on FaceBook  You can also check your local record stores for their music & merchandise !! In Moncton support "LOCAL" & drop in and see Karl at Frank's Music !!  Support "INDIE" music !! Support "LIVE" entertainment !! You don't only have a kickASS time , but you help support the artist too !! Check out these 3 great bands and enjoy some of the best INDIE metal in the world !! Featured today : Ten Ton Friday(U.K.), AngelSeed(Croatia) & Khalas(Palestine) !!

Big riffs, intricate harmonies
killer hooks and vocals !!
Ten Ton Friday - Worry And Bloodshed
Location : Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Genre : Metal
Band members : Mick Dixon - Vocals/Guitar, Siy 'Uber' Brady - Vocals/Guitar, Gav Sutherland - Bass, Andrew Scully - Drums
Influences : Alice In Chains, Zakk Wylde, Soundgarden
Upcoming live shows : Aug 28 Newcastle upon Tyne,UK   @"Trillions",
 Oct 23 London,UK   @"O2 Academy"
Latest release : In Pursuit Of Cyborgs 



Powerful symphonic metal
with killer vocals !!
AngelSeed - Schizohead/Soulcollector
Location : Zagreb, Croatia
Genre : Metal/Gothic
Band members : Ivana Anić Lara - Vocals, Damir Marijan Maras - Guitar, Juraj Birin - Guitar, Siniša Antunović - Bass, Jurica Bazant - Keyboards , Jurica Baljak - Drums
Influences : Nightwish, Epica , Within Temptation
Upcoming live shows : NA
Latest release : AngelSeed EP 



Aggressive metal riffs with a
heavy Arabic influence !! Wicked !!
Khalas - Haz El Adalah
Location : Akka, Palestine
Genre : Arabic Metal
Band members : Riyad Sliman - Vocals, Abed Hathout - Guitar, Rooster - Bass, Fadel Qandil - Drums/Percussiion
Influences : AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden
Upcoming live shows : NA
Latest release : Arabic Rock Orchestra (2013)


Keep On ROCKIN !!                                                                                Trike :-)