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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Music Submissions featuring Diana Rein !!

New Music Submissions on Trike's Trax features Diana Rein "The Six-String Siren," guitarist and her highly-anticipated album "Long Road", being released Wednesday, May 18. The album was written, recorded and produced by Diana Rein, and contains twelve original tracks. Rein not only sings and plays lead guitar, but also bass, and rhythm guitar. ''Long Road'' was mixed and mastered by Peter Duff at Grey Brick Studios in San Diego, CA. On Long Road, Diana Rein, who was born in Romania and raised in Chicago, doesn't just show off her incredible guitar playing, which is reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughan with a sprinkling of Buddy Guy & Jimi Hendrix, but also her powerful voice !! This is quite evident on the opening & title track "Long Road", an emotional song about forgiveness and starting over. Other Trike's Trax picks are : "Wild One", a kick right in the face with a killer bass line and lead guitar riffs that may leave marks,  "Livin Loud", the James Dean inspired "Rebel With A Cause", "Come Back Home"  & "Down Down Down" !! Killer Vocals, Killer Guitar, Killer Rock !! With music like this, Diana's Rein as "Queen of Blues/Rock" will be a long one !! This album is all about big attitude from a little lady who says "I love to play the blues till dawn, my main man is Stevie Ray Vaughan". "Long Road" drops tomorrow and you can grab your copy at any of the links listed below !!Highly recommended. 
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1. Long Road
2. Wild One
3. Livin' Loud
4. Green Light
5. Rebel With A Cause
6. The Real Thing
7. Done Me Dirty
8. Don't Walk Away
9. Come Bac Home
10. Wicked
11. Down Down Down
12. Peace

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Trike :-)

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Inverse Records New Music Submissions featuring The Hypothesis !!

Click Inverse Records pic for website 

Finnish label Inverse Records has submitted some more awesome music to Trike's Trax for the New Music Submissions !! Featured today : The Hypothesis, who are a modern melodic death metal band from Kouvola,Finland and are serious melodic metal groove masters, Their first release was the 2011 EP"Nightside". In 2012, they started to record their debut album "Origin”, secluded in the middle of the dark forest of Viitasaari. After almost four years of silence The Hypothesis are back with a new lineup and finally "Origin" !! The band : Antti Seppälä - Vocals, Juuso Turkki - Guitar, Asko Sartanen - Guitar, Markku "Neissu" Ruuskanen - Bass, Waltteri Väyrynen - Drums, released their first music video “Eye For an Eye” in Jan/2016 !! Enjoy this new KILLER music from The Hypothesis and Inverse Records !! The release of the album is bittersweet though as bassist Markku Ruuskanen is facing several spine and cervical vertebra surgeries. According to doctors the need of the surgeries is imminent, otherwise he might be paralyzed and end up in a wheelchair. Finland’s leading doctors and neurosurgeons are deciding the schedules of the surgeries. “Let’s hope that he recovers quickly! His headbanging journey ain’t done yet!”, comments guitarist / composer Asko Sartanen. Best wishes Markku and horns high for a speedy recovery from myself and all the Trike's Trax followers  :-) Check out the links below  to preview and remember the Trike's Trax motto : LLB !! LISTEN to it, LIKE it, BUY it !!

Track list:
01. Shades To Escape
02. Leak
03. End Of Your Days
04. Scarface
05. Exit
06. Atonement
07. Eye For An Eye
08. Weak Story
09. Second Chance


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Sunday, May 01, 2016

METAL MADNESS feat Rifium !!

                   Welcome to the madness. METAL MADNESS that is !! The best INDIE metal around !! Heavy metal, thrash metal, speed metal, death metal, any kind of metal !! "LLB !! "Listen to it , Like it , Buy it" Maybe a song or full album !! Links provided !! Some bands also offer free downloads of some of their music as well !! Check out some awesome "METAL" and follow them on Twitter , Like them on FaceBook  Support INDIE music by buying their music and merchandise !! Check your local record stores for their music & merchandise !! In Moncton support LOCAL & drop in to see Karl at Frank's Music !! If you give him a ROCK, he'll give you a ROLL !! They have a great selection of LOCAL and not so local INDIE music !! Going to LIVE shows also helps support the bands as they tour the country to bring their LIVE sound to you !! 

                       Rifium are a wicked metal band from Saint John, NB and are in the process of releasing their debut CD "Ice Disease", coming out in early June 2016.   This is the single, entitled "The Dead Could Not Be Counted", that was just released off that forthcoming CD. The band is comprised of Dan Hardiing on vocals/guitar, Matt Orser on bass and Dave Brideau on drums !! The single was recorded at Undertone Studios Dec 2015 - Mar 2016 and a CD release party happening on June 25/2016 at the Panic Room in Saint John, New Brunswick !! LIVE  \m/ Rifium \m/ !! Check out the links below and remember : LLB !! LISTEN to it, LIKE it, BUY it !!



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Trike :-)