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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Gravehuffer - Your Fault

After finalizing a deal with Bluntface Records, Gravehuffer have released a new song "Your Fault" which is the title track from the vinyl release of the same name. This will also be their debut release on Bluntface Records and the 1st official vinyl release for the label. 'Your Fault' will be one of 2 new songs, and gets some love from Carlos  Regadas ex of Carcass and current withMonstrance. Gravehuffer rides a fine line with influences that include punk, metal, grindcore, sludge, doom to name a few. You can also include "crusty" in there and it all starts with James Hiser's killer vocal style which gives Gravehuffer that unique crusty sound !! WICKED PISSAH !! Give them some Trike's Trax love and visit their links and remember the motto : LLB !! Listen to it, Like it, Buy it !!

Gravehuffer - Your Fault
Location : Joplin, Missouri
Genre : Metal
Band members : James Hiser - Vocals, Ritchie Randall - Guitar, Mike Jilge - Bass, Larry Deardorff - Drums
Influences : Morbid Angel, Celtic Frost, Black Sabbath
Concert info : NA
Latest release : Your Fault(2017)
Record label : Bluntface Records


                  LLB !! Listen to it, Like it, Buy it !!

Keep on ROCKIN !!
Trike :-)

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