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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Skein - Deadweight

Skein is a five piece dark alt metal band from Tampere, Finland who are releasing their 2nd album "Deadweight" Sep 22/2017 via Inverse Records !! "Deadweight'' was preceded by the 2014 concept and debut album "Of Wings Unfolding", 3 EP releases "Children of Light"2012, "The Key I-III" 2011,self titled 2005 and a digital only release "Rapier" in 2016. These guys have been together since 2004 and paid their dues !! "Deadweight" opens with the track "Seduction" which does just that and seduces the listener to want more, as does every track thereafter !! Superb musicanship from soft & melodic to extremely heavy and killer vocals that alternate effortlessly between clean and scream.  Skein songs are based on personal experience, misuse of power and everyday life that produces a rawness and emotion that comes through in the music !! Besides the single and video "Bound", my personal favs on the album are every song !! WICKED WICKED album and one of my favs at the moment \m/\m/  Get it at the Inverse store !!

Skein - Bound
Location : Tampere, Finland
Genre : Dark Alt Metal
Band members : Sami Silvennoinen - Vocals, Jarno Ojala - Guitar, Hiski Marstio - Guitar, Juha Höyssä - Bass, 
Kari Ruissalo - Drums
Influences : Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer
Concert info : Sep 22 Tampere,FI A  @"Majava*acoustic)", Sep 22 Tampere,FI   @"Doris Live", Oct 7 Helsinki, FI   @"Golden Classics", Oct 10 Seinäjoki, FI   @"Bar15", Nov 10 Tampere,FI   @"Dog's Home", Nov 18 Pori,FI   @"Monttu"
Latest release : Deadweight(2017)
Record label : Inverse Records

Skein - Deadweight
1. Seduction
2. Lies Divine
3. Bound
4. Lies Mundane
5. The Fear is Love
6. Deadweight
7. Mare
8. In Circles
9. The Unknown


                    LLB !! Listen to it,Like it,Buy it !!

Keep on ROCKIN !!
Trike :-)

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