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Friday, March 25, 2016

Vol 677 Russian Winter Records New Music Submissions !!

Russian Winter Records & Trike's Trax are excited to announce the release of three new singles.  

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The first is Walk Away, from singer/songwriter and label founder Ric Gordon. This raw post-punk track is an edgy protest song that paints a stark picture of where America finds itself now, as a country of corporate greed, elitism, racism, discrimination of LGBT and older people, and with an out of control police. 
You can stream the track on the Bandcamp link below. Gordon's next album Despair's Lover is schedule for release in the fall of 2016


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The second release, Be My Friend, is the new single from garage punk artist Braggers. Lo-fi and more pop than previous releases, this track sees Braggers exploring realms that meld together influences from Roxy Music to Wavves. An advance track from Braggers' sophomore album due out in July, you can stream it on the Bandcamp link below.


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The 3rd single, Two, is the new instrumental track from Synthseer, the electronic music moniker of Ric Gordon. This piece explores duality melodically, thematically and instrumentally. Featuring an orchestral texture and atmospheric main melody, the track can be streamed on the Bandcamp link below.

Russian Winter Records is an awesome indie label based in Kansas City, MO and founded in 2008. Their releases range from punk to electronic and from post-punk to folk.

Keep on ROCKIN !!
Trike :-)

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