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Friday, April 03, 2015

In the SPOTLIGHT !! Mr Kito - The State Of Presence !!

                    The Chief Surgeon of Music is back !! Mr Kito returns with his most impressive work to date !! "The State Of Presence" is a refreshing 13 song journey through a wide variety of musical genres. This is Mr Kito's 2nd album for Presence Records, and 8th overall. I first met Eric Michot, who is Mr Kito, back in early 2013. I featured Eric on one of my earliest posts, Trike's Trax Vol 44 on April 23/13 and became a big fan of his music !! Here we are 535 posts and 2 years later !!
                   "The State Of Presence" is brilliant !! Eric Michot is a master of many instruments !! A multi instrumentalist from Cape Town, South Africa, originally from France. Michot incorporates many influences in his music from early Pink Floyd, King Crimson to some of today's sounds, including a smorgasbord of musical influences from Cape Town which is a beehive of musical activity !!

                    Mr Kito impresses with every release. It is a pleasure to see an artist of Mr Kito's caliber evolve. The production is perfection !! The keyboard/synth work is xxxcellent and prominent, but what really impressed me with this release is the outstanding vocal and guitar work !! The album while being on the experimental side and crossing many music genres, is very accessible to any music listener. The perfect balance one might say.
                    The album is full of great songs, not one bad one. "Alexander The Great" is poppy, catchy and hooky. "Heaven's Break" is a great groove with a Mr Kito rap thrown in. "The Un-Discovered Truth" is a beat heavy hybrid that shows off the rapping skills of Mr Kito. "I Have No Brain" is a no brainer. This song is an infectious rocker !! I often find myself singing this one out loud at work and getting strange looks from my co-workers. The title track "The State Of Presence" is a hypnotic masterpiece !! This is one of those songs that takes you on a magical journey as it works it's way to the pleasure senses of your mind !! Great lyrics and a mesmerizing down beat really sets the mood. It's really amazing what a subtle whistling at the halfway point and at the end add to a song !! Genius !! Other notable tracks are "Is There Anyone" a song about regretting decisions in life, the balladesque yet funky "In Time" & the fast paced heavy synth sound of "Recover" with it's killer beat !! Don't take my word for it. Go to the Bandcamp link under the pic and listen to the whole album !! Mr Kito is never afraid of trying new things, which is what makes his music such a pleasure to listen to !! "The state of presence is everything we are" "Now is the key to everything" !!


You can LLB(Listen, Like, Buy) "The State Of Presence at the link below

Keep on ROCKIN !!
Trike :-)

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