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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Evilyn Strange - "Idiom" Album review. Release date June 22/2017 !

Evilyn Strange return with their 3rd album 'Idiom', the followup to last year's 'Evilution'. The album is self produced and released through Thirteen772 Music. Evilyn Strange is Phillip Strange on vocals, guitar wizard Mikael Johannesson and as he is dubbed by the band, International man of mystery "The Ghost" on drums/keys !! Last year when I reviewed 'Evilution' 2/13/2016. Phillip told me they would have a new 11 song full length later in that year. Well sometimes things don't progress as fast as one would like when it comes to writing music and it took a little longer, but was well worth the wait. The extra track makes 'Idiom' a 12 song journey. This album has a definite 80's classic heavy rock/metal feel to it but also explores many metal and rock genres showing great versatility !! The album opens with a great riff roaring track "Break The Chains", followed by "So Far Away" which has a heavy kind of heavy grunge vibe happening and has been played on Dr Johns Unsigned Rock Surgery, Dr Bones music news album reviews and Internet radio !! "Father Time" is a 80's style heavy rock anthem worthy of any arena !! Check it out for yourself !!

"Better Days" is an absolutely brilliantly beautiful ballad that showcases Phillip's great voice !! The next track "Down" is my absolute fav so far on the album. Mikael's screaming slide guitar takes you "Down" a dark winding heavy, dirty southern blues infused road with lots of attitude !! "Thrown" is a great uptempo hard rock tune followed by "My Revenge", a song that screams metal \m/\m/ Thunderous double bass drums, great vox and Mikael's blazing hot guitar riffs/licks, maybe this really is revenge !! Amazing guitar work !! The band carry on in the heavy rock/metal vein with ''One'' which has a serious groove happening. ''Come Alive'' has a captivating down tempo beat and chorus until 3/4 through when it explodes and comes to life with a vengeance !! "Rise" is another high octane anthem that at points in the song, is it just me or does anyone else hear that Angus/Bon influence !! WICKED !! "Waterfall" is another beautifully crafted acoustic ballad. "Messed It Up" finishes off the album with a bang of hard rock and punk overtones !! 'Idiom' is a fantastic hard rock/metal album that deserves a place in your home, car and or phone !! BTW : I was curuious as to the meaning of 'Idiom' which is a characteristic mode of expression in music or art. 'Idiom' is THAT !! Available NOW at the links below !!


       LLB !! Listen to it, Like it, Buy it !!  5 star rating

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