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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Talvienkeli - Hybris 2017

Talvienkeli - Atlas
Location : Lyon, France
Genre : Symphonic Metal
Band members : Camille Borrelly - Vocals, Pierre Cordier - Keyboards, Pierre Besançon - Guitar, Laëtitia Bertrand - Bass, Paul Sordet - Drums
Influences : Nightwish, Epica, Kamelot
Concert info : Apr 11 Lyon,FR   @"Le Blogg", Jun 4 Voreppe,FR   @"Festival Arscénic", Jun 24 Mâcon,FR   @"Fête de la Musique"
Latest release : Hybris(2017)
Record label : Wormhole Death

TALVIENKELI is an incredible, progressive symphonic metal band from Lyon, France, that was formed in 2012, when the members of 2 bands merged into one wicked band !! Keyboard player and main composer Pierre Cordier and guitarist Pierre Besançon from 1 band, along with drummer Paul Sordet, guitarist Camille Vadin and singer/songwritter Camille Borrelly from another, formed the nucleus of Talvienkeli, with bass player Laëtitia Bertrand joining a short while later. Vadin would leave after the 1st EP "Blooming" in 2014. The 5 remaining members, with influences ranging from Nightwish, Epica, Behemoth to Porcupine Tree, Five Finger Death Punch, would carry on with their own unique brand of symphonic metal !! With the release of "Hybris" on the Wormhole Death label, Talvienkeli shines through with impressive production, fantastic musicianship and breathtaking operaticly influenced vocals from Camille Borrelly !! Original songs in the language of Shakespeare, but told in a metal voice !! The album is available now digitally and will be available physically in Europe : Apr 14/2017 , Japan : May 31/2017, U.S.A : Jun 9/2017. Remember the Trike's Trax motto : 
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