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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The FINNISH Line !! Finland's best INDIE metal & punk !!

                   Welcome to the 1st installment of The FINNISH Line on Trike's Trax !! This will be a regular feature focusing on of course INDIE metal and punk from Finland. There is a large abundance of incredible music coming out of Finland. Big thank you to Inverse Records for all the KILLER music !! Inverse Records is an awesome INDIE metal/punk label from Finland with a very diverse roster of artists!! We will feature 2-3 bands on each post with all the necessary links for you to be able to LLB !! LISTEN to it, LIKE it, BUY it !! Today's featured bands are : Damnation Plan, A Lie Nation & Crucify The Faith !! INDIE music RULES on Trike's Trax !! 

Damnation Plan - Reality Illusion
Location : Espoo, Finland
Genre : Progressive Metal
Band members : Tommy Tuovinen - Harsh & Clean vocals, Asim Searah - Clean Vocals, Kalle Niininen - Guitars, Antti Lauri - Lead Guitars, Jukka Vehkamaa - Bass, Jarkko Lunnas - Drums
Concert info : Mar 17 Helsinki,FI   @On The Rocks", Mar 18 Jyväskyl,FI   @"Katse Ravintolat"
Latest release : Reality Illusion (Mar 10/2017)
Record label : Inverse Records

Damnation Plan is a modern Finnish progressive metal band with melodic death metal influences with a mix of harsh and melodic clean vocals. New album "Reality Illusion" available March 10/2017  Get it at the Inverse Store 


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A Lie Nation - Shooting The Messenger
Location : Oulu, Finland
Genre : Melodic Extreme metal
Band members : Miikka Pyykkönen - Vocals, Jussi Tuomisto - Guitar, Joni Moisanen - Guitar, Joonas Kokkoniemi - Bass, Markus Leinonen - Drums
Concert info : NA
Latest release : Begin Hate EP (April 5/2017)
Record label : Inverse Records

Finnish melodic extreme metal band A Lie Nation will release their second EP, "Begin Hate"on April 5th 2017 via Inverse Records. Their music is aggressive with black metal style vocals and melodic, yet heavy, guitars. Their main influences come from melodic death and black metal. Get it at the Inverse Store 


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Crucify The Faith - Make It Through
Location : Helsinki, Finland
Genre : Melodic Deathcore
Band members :   Aki Juvonen - Vocals, Jermu Laine - Guitar, Jere Kontiainen - Guitar, Lauri Kurkela - Bass, Valtteri Estola - Drums
Concert info : Apr 1 Helsinki,FI   @"Bar Loose"
Latest release : New Breed (Feb 28/2017)
Record label : Inverse Records

Crucify The Faith is a Helsinki based melodic deathcore band that combines various different genres. Band members have influences from hip hop to deathcore and everything inbetween that gives Crucify The Faith their unique sound. Roosa Ahonen contributes guest vocals on today's featured track "Make it Through". Get it at the Inverse Store


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