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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Rattleplague - Hanging In The Den(Live rehearsal)
Location : Uusimaa, Finland
Genre : Metal
Band members : Ville Riihelä - Vocals, Sami Manner - Lead Guitars, Riku Vuorio - Rythm Guitars, Sami Leinonen - Bass, Esa Riiheläinen - Drums
Influences : Motorhead, Pantera 
Concert info : Jan 19 Instanbul, Turkey   @Shaftissa, Jan 22 Instanbul, Turkey   @Dorockissa, Feb 10  Vantaa, Finland    @Bar Rock Bear
Latest release : Bourbon Scenes (2016)
Record label : Inverse Records

Finnish groove metal act Rattleplague have released a new EP "Bourbon Scenes" via Inverse Records. The EP was released in Aug/2016 and has received favorable feedback, including lots of love from myself. This is one of my top 10's for 2016 !! Their previous release 2014's "Smoke'n'Roses"  a 4 song demo included 3 songs, the title track, Goddess Of Plague & As I Perish, which appear on this release along with new compositions, Parasite Brothel, Drain & Hollywood Diabolical..  "Bourbon Scenes is a face melting 6 song EP  featuring wicked and tight guitar, bass, drums and Ville Riihelä's vocals are mean and aggressive with a kick your teeth down your throat attitude !! Rattleplague is currently kicking off 2017 bringing the thunder to Istanbul, Turkey and will be playing Jan 19 at Shaft, a rock/blues club and on the 22nd  at the metal club Dorock, before returning to Finland. Check out Rattleplague links below and remember the Trike's Trax motto : 
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