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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Vol 667 JUSTIN's inSANE picks !!


                 "LLB !! "Listen , Like , Buy" a song or Full album :-)  Some bands also offer FREE downloads of some of their music as well. Check your local record stores for their music & merchandise !! In Moncton drop in and see Karl at Frank's MusicSupport INDIE music !! Buy a CD, T-shirt or go see a LIVE show !! You don't only have a kickASS time , but you help support the artist too !! Welcome to the asylum, where the walls are padded and the music's LOUD !! Justin Sane is a radio DJ from Maine,USA who plays, promotes, lives & breathes INDIE music !!  His radio show is interactive(live chat), crazy, fun and features the best INDIE bands !! Featured on today's inSANE  picks  : Isolated Antagonist(MA/USA),  Skin Drone(NH/USA) & Markradonn(FL/USA) !! All bands featured today are on the great INDIE label Bluntface Records !!THE JUSTIN SANE SHOW is the best fucking ROCK radio show on the PLANET !!  Check out Justin on these great radio stations, with links and showtimes listed below : 


Attacking the ears and then pleasure
senses of the brain. KILLER metal !!
Isolated Antagonist - Dark Nomad teaser
Location : Chelsea, Massachusetts 
Genre : Industrial Metal
Band members : Glen Mitchell- Aggressive vocals/lyricist/music, Nate Exx Gradowski- All instruments and music unless noted otherwise/clean chorus vocals
Influences : Queensryche, Type O Negative, Sepultura
Concert info : Feb 16 CD release !!
Latest release : Affirmation Of Entropy (2016)
Record Label - Bluntface Records

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Welcome to Skin Drone's world
of  wicked technical extreme metal !!
Skin Drone - God Complex
Location : Manchester, New Hampshire
Genre : Industrial/Extreme Metal
Band members : Otto Kinzel & Erik Martin
Influences : The Summoned, Obscura, Necrophagist
Concert info : NA
Latest release : God Complex (2015)
Record Label - Bluntface Records

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Play the pic


This is really wild & killer !!
Barbaric Brass Death Metal !!
Markradonn - Internal Hate Unbounded
Location : Leesburg, Florida
Genre : Barbaric Brass Death Metal
Band members : Haniel - Guitar/Vocals, Allen - Rhythm Guitar, Dennis - 6-string Bass/Didgeridoo/Djembe,Tim - Drums, Nick - French Horn/Fretless Bass/Trumpet, Jon - Timpani/Percussion, Jesse - Trombone/Vocals, Robin - Tuba, Drew - Cimbasso/Tuba, Danny - Tuba/Euphonium, Rich - Lead Trombone 
(New EP)
Influences : Arcturus, Therion, Basil 
Concert info : NA
Latest release : CEREMONIAL 
ABNEGATION In production !!
Record Label : Bluntface Records

LLB !! Listen to it, Like it, Buy it !!


Keep on ROCKIN !!
Trike :-)