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Friday, January 01, 2016

Vol 659 JUSTIN's inSANE New Years Day picks


                 "LLB !! "Listen , Like , Buy" a song or Full album :-)  Some bands also offer FREE downloads of some of their music as well. Check your local record stores for their music & merchandise !! In Moncton drop in and see Karl at Frank's MusicSupport INDIE music !! Buy a CD, T-shirt or go see a LIVE show !! You don't only have a kickASS time , but you help support the artist too !! Welcome to the asylum, where the walls are padded and the music's LOUD !! Justin Sane is a radio DJ from Maine,USA who plays, promotes, lives & breathes INDIE music !!  His radio show is interactive(live chat), crazy, fun and features the best INDIE bands !! Featured on today's inSANE  picks : Four Skulls(KY/U.S.), Mental Pause(MA/U.S.) & Living Impaired(ME/U.S.) !!  THE JUSTIN SANE SHOW !!  The best fucking ROCK radio show on the PLANET !!  Check out Justin on these great radio stations, with links and showtimes listed below : 


Killer Kentucky rock !!
Wicked riffs, licks & vocals !!
Four Skulls - Not Dead Yet
Location : Catlettsburg, Kentucky
Genre : Hard Rock
Band members : Aaron Miller - Lead Vocals, Mick Bryan - Guitars/Backing Vocals, Chip McGlone - Bass, Tony Pack - Drums/Percussion
Influences : Alice In Chains, Megadeth, Queensryche
Upcoming live shows : Jan 9 Louisville,KY   @"Third Street Dive", Feb 27 Charleston,WV   @"The Blue Parrot"
Latest release : World Of Hurt (2013)



KILLER heavy Mental that's
Knuckles To The Brain !!
Mental Pause - Frozen Sky
Location : Springfield, Massachusetts 
Genre : Hard Rock/Metal
Band members : Paully T - Vocals, Pat Reilly - Guitar, Ricky Odom - Bass, Kevin Carbone - Drums/Percussion
Influences : Black Sabbath, Tool, Faith No More
Upcoming live shows : Jan 22 East Longmeadow,MA   @"Club Meadows", Jan 23 Hartford,CT   @"The Webster", Jan 29 New Haven,CT   @"Lilly's Pad", Feb 20 
East Windsor,CT   @"Gibson's Bar & Grill"
Latest release : Knuckles To The Brain 



Killer shot of futuristic
sonic grind metal !!
Living Impaired - Through The Looking Glass
Location : Lewiston, Maine
Genre : Metal
Band members : Shane Alexander Yonuss-Bass/Vocals, Eric Gosselin-Guitar, Tony Cortez-Drums
Influences : Voivod, Brutal Truth, Mastodon
Upcoming live shows : NA
Latest release : Through The 
Looking Glass (2013)


Keep on ROCKIN !!
Trike :-)