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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Vol 654 New Music Submissions !!

                   Today on Trike's Trax, we are checking out new music that has been submitted to the blog by 3 artists. The Retroaction, Sixteen Scandals & Paradise Animals !! Give them a listen and check out their links. Remember the Trike's Trax motto : LLB !! Listen, Like, Buy !!

                      The Retroaction are a collection of musicians from Hamilton, Ontario who came together after their own bands fell apart. The band is heavily influenced by 60's & 70's rock and In fact they call themselves The bastard sons of Rock N' Roll, Rhythm & Blues, and Garage Rock. All wrapped up in loud music and mod suits. The band consists of Keith Moffat on guitar/vocals, Ron Lang on drums/vocals, Thomas Duxbury on guitar/vocals and Charles Costash on bass/vocals. The band came together when Keith met Ron Lang at the ending of a bachelorette party. Ron commented on his John Lennon shirt and after chatting they ended up liking a lot of the same bands: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, The Who. The Beatles being Ron's favorite group. After Keith's old band fell apart, they decided to try out new people and see if we could take their sound in a fresh direction. The result is kickASS rock and roll !! 
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                        Sixteen Scandals are an unapologetic, loud and rambunctious trio from Toronto. The band is : Zazoo Pittz - guitar/vocals,  Isaac Correia - bass/backing vocals,  Dave Skrtich - drums/backing vocals. They are releasing a full length record titled "Create & Destroy," set for release Dec. 4th, 2015. This is the single from the forthcoming album called "Don't Call Me Shirley". They didn't write a bunch of songs to get rich and quit their day jobs, they wrote them to play in sweaty little clubs to people who like to break themselves for fun. Rhythmic and loud, melodic and catchy. Sixteen Scandals was not built to last, but were made to burn. Skateboarding a rusty ramp with no shirt on. Setting fireworks off in your hands. Nothing to show for it but memories, some burns and a smile from ear to ear. Sixteen Scandals was created for the sole purpose of destruction. The kind of destruction some good friends with a camera, some gasoline and a book of matches get up to. 
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                            Paradise Animals check in with their new single Monday Morning from their first full length LP Day Bed, released Nov13/2015. The album was recorded and produced by the whole band, (Mark Andrade, Gary Pereira,Kerri Silva} in both Northern Ontario and Toronto. The band describes the album as a lifetime of memories and experiences captured during a daydream. Day Bed is the place we go to rest in the daylight. A place where memories wash over us; a place where we pause and think about life. It's a collection of songs that highlights the warmth and happiness of family and childhood, the heartbreak of relationships, and the randomness of social life in the 21st century. 
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Keep on ROCKIN !!
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