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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Vol 650 New Music Submissions !!

                   Today on Trike's Trax, we are checking out new music that has been submitted to the blog by 3 artists. Slow Death Lights, The Shanks & Mother Leads !! Give them a listen and check out their links. Remember the Trike's Trax motto : LLB !! Listen, Like, Buy !!

                             From Toronto, Ontario, Slow Death Lights present their debut EP "Broken Spirit Desert Nightmare" released Aug/2015. With a few good connections in hand, the band packed up and flew down to Joshua Tree California to cut the EP with Brant Bjork(Kyuss,Fu-Manchu) producing, at Jalamanta Studios in the heart of the desert. Not only did this a trip solidify serious bonds within the group, the tracks were recorded live off the floor to two inch tape, giving the songs the raw, visceral energy that SLD delivers live. Brant let us know; “we don’t have computers here, we want to record like Sabbath did in the late 60’s”. From dark places and all kinds of spaces, Slow Death Lights is ready to burn bright on the stoner rock landscape. Like a trip down a 70's highway with 8 tracks blaring !! KILLER !! Slow Death Lights is : Andre Skinner - Drums, Vocals, Devin Legge - Guitar, Eric Allward - Guitar, Luke Stackhouse - Bass/Vocals. You can LLB !! Listen, Like, Buy their music at the links below !!



                             Another Toronto band The Shanks, just turned 10 this fall. In celebration they're releasing, X an EP of newly re-recorded versions of classic Shanks songs (and a new one, a sneak peak of the upcoming Prisons of Ecstasy album) that marks ten years of bass and drums rock power by The Shanks. The 1st single is a new version of Bridge of Sighs, from the very first release Here Come The Shanks, released in 2005 was re-produced by Darryl Neudorf. A great version that's infectious and contagious !! The Shanks also have a brand new album in the can and awaiting release in early 2016, produced by Nicke Andersson (Imperial State Electric, ex Hellacopters/Entombed) in Sweden. “Prisons of Ecstasy” will be out early 2016 !! The Shanks are : Pistolwhip von Shankenstein - Vocals/Bass and Colonel Crankshaft - Drums/Vocals. You can LLB !! Listen, Like, Buy their music at the links below !!


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                              When Time Will Slow Down is the first of a series of 3 singles from Ajax, Ontario band Mother Leads. They plan to release one this month, the second during the winter and the third to kick off next summer. Mother Leads keep their influences close at hand trying to capture and restore the best of the last 40 years, giving their own creativity to the mix. They have a gritty, tight sound with great vocals and a heavy 90's punk/grunge rock sound !! For the last year they have been writing and playing new songs around the Toronto area where they are from. They are on tour through Nov/Dec in Ontario. Mother Leads are : Neil Culbert - Vocals/Guitar, Jordan Lassalle: Guitar, Jordan Quinn: Bass/Keys/Vocals, Raymond Cara - Drums You can LLB !! Listen, Like, Buy their music at the links below !!


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Keep on ROCKIN !!
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