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Friday, September 18, 2015

Vol 635 JUSTIN's inSANE picks !!

    "LLB !! "Listen , Like , Buy" a song or Full album :-)  Some bands also offer FREE downloads of some of their music as well. Check your local record stores for their music & merchandise !! In Moncton drop in and see Karl at Frank's Music. Support INDIE music !! Buy a CD, T-shirt or go see a LIVE show !! You don't only have a kickASS time , but you help support the artist too !! Welcome to the asylum, where the walls are padded and the music's LOUD !! Justin Sane is a radio DJ from Maine,USA who plays, promotes, lives & breathes INDIE music !!  His radio show is interactive(live chat), crazy, fun and features the best INDIE bands !! Featured on today's inSANE picksMindset X, The Bloody Muffs & Still Well Angel !!  THE JUSTIN SANE SHOW !!  The best fucking ROCK radio show on the PLANET !!  Check out Justin on these great radio stations, with links and showtimes listed below : 



High energy hard rock with
a killer infectious bite !!
Mindset X - You & Me
Location : Manchester, New Hampshire
Genre : Rock
Band members : Steven Haidaichuk - Guitar/Vocals , Paul Davidson - Bass/Keys/Vocals , Adam Cote - Drums
Influences : Foo Fighters, Shinedown, Rush
Upcoming live shows : Oct 10 Worcester,MA   @"The Palladium"
Latest release : Oceans (2015)



KickASS punk from NYC !!
Booze, sex & punk rock !!
The Bloody Muffs - Let's Get Drunk And Fuck
Location : New York, New York
Genre : Punk
Band members : Bryan Defiance - Guitar/Vocals, Doctor - Bass/Vocals, Kat Kaos - Drums/Vocals
Influences : Jesus Lizard, Ramones, Sex Pistols
Upcoming live shows : NA
Latest release : Alpha Cuntori Nov (2015)



Powerful and aggressive metal
that hits 10 on the richter scale !!
Still Well Angel - No Halo
Location : Boston, Massachusetts
Genre : Metal
Band members : Sean - Lead Vocals/Guitar, Chasse- Lead Guitar, Robb - Bass, Steve - Drums
Influences : Disturbed, Sevendust, Staind
Upcoming live shows : Mar 27 Cambridge,MA,US   @"Middle East
 Downstairs", Apr 4 Westbrook,ME,US   
@"The Skybox", Apr 10 South Burlington,
VT,US   @"Venue Nightclub", Apr 16 
UMass Lowell 91.5
Latest release : No Halo (2015)


Keep on ROCKIN !!
Trike :-)