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Sunday, May 31, 2015


                                                REDLIZZARD                                           THE RED ALBUM

                       This is the essence of REDLIZZARD, born in 2008 in Almada, a city that has already made known several big names of the Portuguese rock scene. In 2008, they made their first rehearsal and, in January of the following year, their first live performance in Casa Municipal da Juventude of Almada. Over the following years, the band won several national competitions of modern music, among which stands out the Have a Nice Day With Bon Jovi in 2011, a joint initiative Hard Rock Cafe / Radio Commercial / Everything is New, which led REDLIZZARD to be the opening concert of Bon Jovi, in Bela Vista Park in Lisbon, performing to an audience of over 56,000 people. 
REDLIZZARD also won in that year the Upper State Independent Awards (USA) in two categories: Best Pop Rock Band and Best International Band. 

                      Their first record, the In Your Face EP, was released in November 2011, followed by a support tour, which underwent several renowned venues in Portugal. 
                      In 2015, REDLIZZARD are back with their LP, The Red Album, which was released in April. This record was produced by the legendary British producer "Slaughter" Joe Foster, who produced British bands like Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream, & My Bloody Valentine, and was also a founder of Creation Records (label that launched Oasis, among others). 
                      The Red Album was recorded in 2014 in Rosa dos Ventos Studios, by Telmo Gomes, supervised by Paulo Jorge Silva (Pajo). Was mixed and co-produced by one of the most important local producers, João Martins Sela, whose curriculum includes bands like Xutos & Pontapés, Da Weasel, João Pedro Pais and UHF. The album also included the participation of guests musicians like Nuno Espírito Santo, Mário Delgado, Patrícia Silveira, Patrícia Antunes, Marco Cesário and Ricardo Galrito. 
                      The Red Album has a heavy rock/southern rock groove !! Killer riffs, killer vocals, killer hooks, this album has it all !! Every song a winner !! From the opening drum beat of Hangin' On The Hotline, you're hooked. My favs besides Hotline are : The Answer, It's Not Easy & Push It Babe with it's killer guitar riff  that just reaches out and grabs you right by the throat !! The best feeling in the world :-) Then you know how good it really is. If you like slow songs Red Lizzard has 2 fantastic ballads with great lyrics : Reason To Live & Don't Worry. Seems like every song is better than the one before. That's what makes a great album !! The REDLIZZARD bite is not fatal, but it is extremely contagious !! 

REDLIZZARD: Mauro - Vocals, Patrick - Guitar, Elvis - Guitar, David - Bass, Rick - Drums


Keep on ROCKIN !!
Trike :-)