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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Vol 557 Live @Plan b !! The local live scene !!

                   Click on the pic for complete show schedule !!
              Plan b is Moncton's no 1 "LIVE" venue and winner of "Venue of the Year 2014" at the 2014 MusicMusiqueNB awards in Fredericton, New Brunswick. They feature local, national and international artists !! From the known to the unknown, they have appeared @ Plan b !!  This post will feature 3 upcoming bands that will be performing @ Plan b !! Give them a listen and if  you're in the Moncton area drop in to catch them live !! If you like what you hear and can't make a live show, check your local record store for their music !! In Moncton, support LOCAL and drop in and see Karl @ Frank's Music !! Remember the Trike's Trax music motto : LLB !! Listen, Like, Buy !! Support "INDIE" music !! Support "LIVE" music !! Featured today on Live @ Plan b : Rocket Culture, Glass Atlas & Heethcliff  !!  All bands performing Tue Feb 17th !! Plan b is located @ 212 St George St, just 2 blocks from downtown Moncton !!

Fantastic progressive rock with
elements of jazz fusion !! What a ride !!
Rocket Culture - Landscapes
Location : Moncton, New Brunswick
Genre : Prog Rock/Experimental/Electronic
Band members : Alexandre Leblanc Guitar/Vocals/Synths Piano/Programming, Colin Gauvin - Bass/Vocals/Guitar, Mario Levesque - Guitar/Percussion, Luc Vautour - Drums/Percussion
Influences : Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Porcupine Tree
Upcoming live shows : Tue Feb 17 
Moncton,NB,CA   @"Plan b"
Latest release : Rocket Culture (2014)



Heavy funk/rock with lots
of swaggitude from Halifax,NS !!
Glass Atlas - Close To You
Location : Halifax, Nova Scotia
Genre : Rock/Funk
Band members : Brody McGee -Vocals, Adam Sweeney - Guitar, Nigel Jenkins - Bass, Kyle Merson - Drums  
Influences : Red Hot Chili Peppers, Spin Doctors, Funkadelic
Upcoming live shows : Tue Feb 17 Moncton,NB,CA   @"Plan b", Feb 20 
Halifax,NS,CA   @"Rockbottom 
Brew Pub"
Latest release : Glass Atlas (2014) EP



Incredible rock/jazz !! Confident,
catchy & arrogant flair for drama !!
Heethcliff - My Gun 
Location : Moncton, New Brunswick
Genre : Alternative/Jazz/Hard Rock
Band members : Pierre Hebert - Guitar/Vocals, Leo Paul Melanson - Bass/Vocals, Geoff Moss - Drums, Christian Leger - Sax, Josée Mills - Trumpet       
Influences : Chicago, Primus, Tom Waits
Upcoming live shows : Tue Feb 17 Moncton,NB,CA   @"Plan b"
Latest release : Hunters Home 
EP (2014)


Keep on ROCKIN !!
Trike :-)