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Monday, December 08, 2014

This day in HISTOROCK !! RIP Dimebag Darrell !!

            This day in HISTOROCK !!

                                      In 2004, former Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell(Darrell Lance Abbott) was one of five people killed after a man stormed the stage during a Damageplan show at the Alrosa Villa Club in Columbus. The gunman began firing at the band and crowd, was then shot and killed by a police officer who arrived shortly after the first shots were fired. Best known as a founding member of two bands, Pantera and Damageplan, alongside his brother Vinnie Paul, he is considered to be one of the driving forces behind groove metal !!
                                     Dimebag Darrell formed Pantera in 1981 with his brother Vinnie Paul on drums. They toured with Slayer, Megadeth, Venom, and Metallica. They began to suffer from mounting tensions between band members in the mid-1990s, because of vocalist Phil Anselmo's rampant drug abuse. In 2001, they went on hiatus, to give Anselmo time to clean up. While Dimebag and Vinnie waited for Anselmo, he worked on side projects, such as Superjoint Ritual and Down, which pissed the band off even more !! This caused even more friction in the band and led to their decision to disband Pantera in 2003 !!
                                    After about a year, brothers Vinnie and  Dimebag formed Damageplan, a metal band that also used the Pantera-style groove metal sound. The brothers recruited former Halford guitarist Pat Lachman on vocals, and Bob Zilla on bass. Damageplan released its debut album New Found Power in the United States on February 10, 2004, which debuted at No. 38 on the Billboard 200, selling 44,676 copies in its first week !! 
                                  On December 8, 2004, Abbott was shot onstage while performing with Damageplan at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio. The gunman shot Abbott three times in the head using a 9 mm Beretta 92FS handgun with the third shot killing him instantly. The gunman continued shooting, killing three more in addition to Abbott as well as wounding seven others. He fired a total of 15 shots, stopping to reload once !! Two fans administered CPR on Dimebag until paramedics arrived, but were unable to revive him and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Early theories suggested that the gunman might have turned to violence in response to the breakup of  Pantera, or the public dispute between Abbott and Pantera singer Phil Anselmo, but these were later ruled out by investigators. Dimebag Darrell was only 38 !! 
                                  One of Dimebags biggest influences was Ace Frehley. Dimebag once said in a Guitar World interview that "if there were no Ace Frehley, there would have been no Dimebag Darrell"!! Abbott bore a tattoo of the KISS guitarist on his chest and Frehley signed the tattoo in pen ink upon meeting him, at Dimebag's request, and the autograph was later tattooed over. He ranked No. 92 in Rolling Stone magazine's 100 Greatest Guitarists and No. 1 in the UK magazine, Metal Hammer !! 
                                  Ride For Dime Inc., a nationally registered charity, was formed in 2005. They host annual motorcycle runs and concerts, with all proceeds going to Little Kids Rock, and towards funding the Ride For Dime Scholarship Fund. Ride For Dime is the only charity recognized and supported by the Abbott Estate. Here is video from Damageplan and "Pride" !! RIP Dimebag Darrell !! 

Keep on ROCKIN !!
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