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Friday, December 19, 2014

In the SPOTLIGHT !! Social Strife - With Friends Like These album review !!


               Social Strife is In The SPOTLIGHT on Trike's Trax with their debut album "With Friends Like These".  If you're looking for some kickASS hard rock with lots of swagger and full of punk attitude, look no further !! From the opening proclamation "it's fuckin Social Strife in't it" it's game on !! The album contains 10 songs(not one bad one) and although it's mainly an uptempo high octane song structure, there are also some really nice down tempo tunes. Drawing from their mutual love of big show’s, punk rock and hook-oriented melodies, Social Strife has set out to put the “Strife” back in Rock & Roll! 
                    Social Strife is the creation of Toronto musician Sean Farro who is the lead singer and lyricist for the band !! The Strife’s epic rock/punk style continues to wave the flag of frustration with “middle-of-the-road play-it-safe rock bullshit!”  Farro continues, ”nobody is saying or doing anything worth listening to! ”there’s no danger in rock ‘n roll anymore!”  Farro is adamant that “there is nothing worth turning the Radio on for…With a few exceptions, it’s all watered down crap!”  I agree with Sean that FM stations do play it safe and have very little creativity musically !! Thankfully we have internet radio and the Strife is getting lots of airplay on killer shows like The Justin Sane Show
                    The 10 songs on "With Friends Like These"  were written by Farro and Terry Doucette who also played lead guitar !! Sadly Farro and Doucette parted company with Doucette leaving to pursue a solo career !!  The songs lyrics have attitude, about life's social issues and the fucked up shit we face every day !! The Strife sound is a fusion of hard rock/punk/pop/reggae with Sean Farro's incredible vocals . The man's voice is a lot like his music, full of swagger and attitude !! Great riffs and solos dominate the album, along with crisp, clean bass lines and heavy ballsy drumming !! 
                    All tracks are contagious, but certain ones can reach out and slap you out of a deep sleep !! The turbo charged "You Were Nothing" and "Blind" are heavily punk influenced white knuckle joyrides !! It's recommended that you don't operate heavy machinery while listening to these 2 songs ;-) Social Strife, Reign, I Don't Know all have a great hard rock sound and are all worthy of airplay on any radio station around !! M.D.M.A. has really grown on me and is one of my favs on the album. Love the style and tempo changes !!  "Aliens And Freaks" &"The River"  featuring string sections in both songs, are fantastic and melodic,  showing off the bands softer side.  "Wish I Could Be'' a song about your up and down feelings in a relationship is fantastic !! I wish I could be the man becomes I don't wanna be the man. I think it has the potential to be a hit anywhere !!  Great lyrics, vocals, harmonies and a catchy, infectious chorus !! Social Strife has now gone from a 4 piece to a 5 piece with the addition of 2 guitarists !! This album is all about the "Strife''anomics of rock !! And don't be alarmed if you catch "Strife"itis. It's curable with headphones and a copy of "With Friends Like These" !! Straight ahead, no holds barred, in your face kickASS ROCK !! I highly recommend this CD !! Get your copy of this awesome CD and support "INDIE" music !! You can also listen to the whole album before you buy it. Social Strife website :   Watch for the Strife on tour, hopefully the Maritimes :-) 

                                                              This album has a 

Have a "Strife" and Happy Holiday Season

                               Lead Vocals - Sean "The Unicorn" Farro
                               Lead/Rhythm Guitars - Nick Depaul 
                               Lead/Rhythm Guitars - Rory Shane Steel 
                               Bass/Backing Vocals - "Jcon" Conroy 
                               Drums/Percussion - Mike "The Doctor" Christopher 

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Keep on ROCKIN !!
Trike :-)