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Wednesday, December 24, 2014


                       MERRY CHRISTMAS
                        HAPPY HOLIDAYS

              It's been a great year at Trike's Trax and a great year for "INDIE" music !! Trike's Trax has featured almost 1,600 killer bands and will hit 50,000 views in the next few days  in over 50 countries worldwide !! Who would have thought :-) Thank you to all the bands for the incredible music, and thank you to all the fans who Listen,Like,Buy (LLB) the music, check out the blogs and listen to kickASS radio shows like The Justin Sane Show on the world wide web !! MMMMYYYYAAAAAHHHH !! "INDIE" music is like a runaway train on a one way track. Get on board, or get the fuck out of the way !! Have a safe and Merry Christmas and keep on supporting "INDIE" music and get out to see a "LIVE" show !! Trike's Trax will return on Boxing Day with JUSTIN'S inSANE Friday picks !! 
         Have a safe and happy holiday season !! 
Keep on ROCKIN !!
Trike :-)