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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The local "LIVE" scene !!


                   Went to see some great bands @ Plan b Lounge last nite and all were awesome and original !! Love seeing bands playing their own original music and not someone else's !! I don't know how anyone can get any satisfaction playing cover songs all nite !! I like hearing new music from bands, not like hey we just added a new AC/DC song to our set....please !!! Local band Fetus Aquarium who were promoting their new CD "Super! Electric Boogaloo" were 1st up and were great, energetic and the guitar work was superb !! The nite just kept getting better and better !! Next up from Toronto was the super high energy quartet The Dying Arts !! They were touring in support of their self titled EP which we bought and it is fantastic !! The highlight of the nite was the Moncton's own The Motorleague and they were on their game !! They played their crowd favorites as well as soon to be crowd favorites from the upcoming new album !! The Motorleague's sheer raw energy and passion was on display for all to see !! Plan b was packed and the crowd response was awesome !! Singer Don Levandier said the band will be leaving for Toronto shortly to begin recording the new album !! So I was lucky enough to get a "FREE" dowload of the new Fetus Aquarium (Thank You) !! We also bought The Dying Arts CD and 2 Motorleague t shirts  !! And a good BUZZ was had by all !!!! On a scale of 1-10 this show was an 11 !!!! You can also check out these links from all 3 bands below to Listen, Like & Buy !!

                                                               Fetus Aquarium

                                                                The Dying Arts

                                                              The Motorleague

Keep on ROCKIN !!
Trike :-)