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Friday, October 24, 2014

This day in HISTOROCK !! Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother !!

This day in HISTOROCK !!

                       On Oct 24th,1970, Pink Floyd were at No.1 on the UK album chart with the "Atom Heart Mother", the group's first No.1 album and follow up to Ummagumma !!  The album cover shows a cow standing in a pasture with no text or any other clue as to what might be on the record. Some later editions have the title and artist name added to the cover. This concept was the group's reaction to the psychedelic space rock imagery associated with Pink Floyd at the time of the album's release; the band wanted to explore all sorts of music without being limited to a particular image or style of performance. They thus requested that their new album had "something plain" on the cover, which ended up being the image of a cow :-) 
                           The album's concept is similar to Ummagumma, where it features the full band in the first half, and focuses on individual members in the second half !! Side 1 consists of the title track "Atom Heart Mother" which is in 5 parts !! Side two opens with three five-minute songs: one each by David Gilmour, Roger Waters and Richard Wright !!  It closes with a suite with sound effects primarily conceived by drummer Nick Mason, but is credited to the whole group. The suite entitled "Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast", is divided into three segments, full of  dialogue and sound effects of then-roadie Alan Styles preparing, discussing, and eating breakfast !! Critical reaction to the suite has always been mixed, and all band members have expressed their dislike toward it.  David Gilmour has said the album was "a load of rubbish. We were at a real down point ... I think we were scraping the barrel a bit at that period" and "a good idea but it was dreadful... Atom Heart Mother sounds like we didn't have any idea between us, but we became much more prolific after it." Also, in a 1984 interview on BBC Radio 1, Roger Waters said "If somebody said to me now – right – here's a million pounds, go out and play Atom Heart Mother, I'd say you must be fucking joking." !!
                         This was the first Pink Floyd album to be specially mixed for four-channel quadraphonic sound as well as two-channel stereo. The SQ quadraphonic mix was released on LP in a matrix format compatible with standard stereo record players. There was also a release of the quadraphonic version in the UK in four-channel form on the "Quad-8" format, a four-channel variant of the stereo 8-track tape cartridge !! Here is the 23min 44 sec title track "Atom Heart Mother" in it's entirety !! After all, it's still PINK FLOYD :-) Enjoy :-)

Keep on ROCKIN !!
Trike :-)