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Thursday, September 04, 2014

This day in HISTOROCK !! Hendrix torched guitar sells for almost $500,000 US !!

        This day in HISTOROCK !!

                     In 2008, the first guitar torched on stage by Jimi Hendrix sold for £280,000, just over $450,000 US at an auction of rock memorabilia !! The Fender Stratocaster was burned at the end of a show at the Astoria in Finsbury Park, north London, in 1967. The sale held in London also included the Beatles' first management contract, signed in 1962 by all four members of the group and manager Brian Epstein, sold for £240,00 !! Jimi did things with those six stings like no other guitarist. Never mind the gimmicks, playing with his teeth, behind his head, setting fire to it. Jimi was the guitarist’s guitarist and the ultimate showman !! Jimi had an incredible impact on the music world right from the start. Imagine if you can, going on the road with Pink Floyd and stealing the show every night !! That's exactly what happened in 1967, while touring with Floyd. A review in the Coventry Evening Telegraph said: "More than 3,000 youngsters attended two houses at the Coventry Theatre. He [Hendrix] can play guitar with his teeth, lying on the stage, or behind his back - and do it better than most in a more conventional position. The result was a stunning, completely individual performance, which included hits like 'Hey Joe', 'The Wind Cries Mary' and 'Purple Haze' and the wildest version yet of 'Wild Thing' " !! Later that year on June 4, Hendrix would play his last show in the UK before leaving for the US !! The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper album had just been released and two Beatles (McCartney and Harrison) were in attendance, along with a who's who in UK rock stardom, including: Brian Epstein, Eric Clapton, Spencer Davis, Jack Bruce, and Lulu. Hendrix and the Experience opened the show with his own rendering of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, rehearsed only minutes before taking the stage, much to McCartney’s astonishment and delight !! 3 years later on Sept 18/1970, Jimi Hendrix was pronounced dead on arrival at St. Mary Abbot's Hospital in London after choking on his own vomit. Hendrix had left a message on his managers answer phone earlier that night saying ''I need help bad man'' Jimi was only 27 years old !! What a huge loss for music.  Jimi accomplished in a few short years, what takes many bands a lifetime to achieve !! Jimi Hendrix is and will always be a major influence to guitarists everywhere !! If you want to get to know a little more about Jimi, check out this incredible documentary !! RIP Jimi !! 

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