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Thursday, July 24, 2014

This day in HISTOROCK !! Sympathy for the Stones !!

        This day in HISTOROCK !!

                   In 1964, a riot broke out during a Rolling Stones show at The Empress Ballroom in Blackpool, Lancashire, after Keith Richards aimed a kick at a man who was spitting at the group. Two policemen and 50 fans were injured and the damage was estimated at over £4,000. The Rolling Stones were evicted from Blackpool and told they were banned from ever playing there again !! Angry fans smashed crystal chandeliers, tore seats and smashed a Steinway grand piano. Bottles and stones were hurled. According to witnesses, the Stones were playing to a capacity crowd of about 7,000, when some of the crowd started spitting at them. Keith Richards seen a guy with his hands on the stage telling others to spit at Brian Jones. Richards warned the guy, but they started spitting anyway. Keith walks over and stands on the guys hands, and kicks him in the face breaking his nose !! The place went nuts and the band ran off the stage before police officers with dogs calmed the situation down. Some of the audience found the Stones performance suggestive. Nowadays it would probably seem very normal, but back then the Rolling Stones were a new breed to the scene and it's something the fans weren't ready for !! This ban lasted 44 years which in itself is incredible, before being lifted in 2008 !! It's unclear at this time if The Rolling Stones will ever play Blackpool again as there are no venues large enough to house a Rolling Stones show, but one never knows !! One thing is for sure, Ya don't mess around with Keith !! Check out this fantastic b/w video of "Sympathy For The Devil" from 1968 !! WOW, rad pants Mick :-)

Keep on ROCKIN !!
Trike :-)