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Monday, July 28, 2014

In The Spotlight - Wings Of Apollo "By Force" EP



              Wings Of Apollo return with their latest release "By Force" which is an EP featuring 5 outstanding songs !! This trio of very talented , who call Nashville,Tennessee home,  have known each other since high school. Jesse Korby on Vocals/Guitar , Pat "Flip A Day" Graves on Bass and David Martin on Drums make up Wings Of Apollo !! They released their debut album "Wings Of Apollo" in 2012 and to this day it's available as a "FREE" download on their website !!  "By Force" is produced by 4 time Grammy winner Malcolm Springer, who brings out the best in WOA !! The songs are not only tight and polished, but the passion and emotion that comes through in each song is incredible !! When you don't just hear the music, but FEEL it, that's what it's all about !!  The 1st thing you notice about "By Force" while maintaining it's heavy sound, it gives the listener a healthy dose of r&b, blues, funk and even a sprinkling of reggae !! The 1st song, the title track "By Force'' is what I like to call "heavy Motown" !! It has that classic WOA  heavy blues feel with some xxxcellent guitar work, but with some horns and a backing vocal chorus of Fire !! "Maker" has a dark gothic/grungy feel to it with great vocals and harmonies !! When these guys harmonize, man do they ever remind me of C,S,N,Y !! "On My Time" is so bluesy and so funky with it's great hooks and  riffs, that your whole body may start to convulse !! "The Wind Of Change" which is just that, a bit different, getting into a bit of a reggae jam with some awesome wah-wah pedal :-) The last song, "The Water" is a candidate for song of the year and is what the blues should sound like !! This song really showcases Wings Of Apollo musical abilities !! Pat Graves bass playing and David Martin's drumming are superb !! The highlight of the song is the amazing vocals and guitar by Jesse Korby !! You can't help but feel the emotion in his voice and playing !! This build in this song really takes you up the mountainside before you gently free fall off the edge !! INCREDIBLE song !! INCREDIBLE EP !! INCREDIBLE band !!  The best "unknown"band in the world !!  That's all about to change with "By Force"!! Resistance is futile !! You will be assimilated !!
Here is a link to listen to the entire "By Force" EP !!
You can also purchase this fantastic EP at this link :   The best $5 you'll ever spend !!
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