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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

This day in HISTOROCK !! The Traveling Wilburys !!

      This day in HISTOROCK !!

             In 2007, The Traveling Wilburys went to No.1 on the UK album chart with "Collection" an album that was just that, a "Collection" of Wilbury songs !!  The lineup for the Wilburys was: George Harrison, (Nelson Wilbury), Jeff Lynne, (Otis Wilbury), Roy Orbison, (Lefty Wilbury), Tom Petty, (Charlie T. Wilbury Jr.) and Bob Dylan, (Lucky Wilbury) !! The name for the band first came about during a radio interview with Bob Coburn on the Rockline radio station in February 1988, when George Harrison first mentioned the Traveling Wilburys . He was asked what he was planning next after his album  "Cloud Nine" Harrison replied : "What I'd really like to do next is... to do an album with me and some of my mates... a few tunes, you know. Maybe The Traveling Wilburys... it's this new group I got .  I'd like to do an album with them and later we can all do our own albums again." !! George first used the slang term "Wilbury" during the recording of Cloud Nine with Jeff Lynne when faulty equipment was responsible for recording errors !! George said "We'll bury em in the mix" !! Jeff suggested the adding of Traveling to Wilburys and it was agreed with by the others . Well known drummer Jim Keltner appears in all the videos, but was never listed as a member on any of  the tracks . This was a group of "LEGENDS" in the music industry and recorded 1 album together before the death of Roy Orbison in 1988 !! As a tribute to Orbison when the video for "End Of The Line" was recorded, his guitar sits in a rocking chair while it rocks and the band plays on !! The rest of the Wilburys recorded 1 more album "Vol 3" and not Vol 2 ;-) Apparently there was a Wilburys bootleg out there that George liked to call it Vol 2 lol  Hence the title Vol 3 !! They also changed their nicknames on this album because Lefty was gone, to : "Spike Wilbury" – George Harrison, "Clayton Wilbury" – Jeff Lynne, "Muddy Wilbury" – Tom Petty, "Boo Wilbury" – Bob Dylan !! The term "SUPERGROUP" is used a lot to describe some collaborations, but this group truly was just that !!

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