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Sunday, April 13, 2014

MR KITO - Where Are The Lizards ?

                      IN THE SPOTLIGHT  


            Mr Kito is back with a brand new 6 song EP "Where Are The Lizards?" Mr Kito is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist/producer Eric Michot , a native of France who has called Cape Town, South Africa home since 1998 !  This is the 7th release for Mr Kito and the 1st since signing a record
contract with Presence Records !!  Congrats Eric :-)
Mr Kito is Eclectic, Electric, Experimental !! 

                Mr Kito matures as a performer with every release . His unique and distinct vocal style compliments the music and sometime has been described as both haunting, yet soothing !! Like a Syd Barret/Jim Reid hybrid .  He is also a very accomplished producer and his masterful production skills rise to the top again with this latest release . 
                "Where Are The Lizards?" is like exploratory surgery with Mr Kito as chief surgeon . He makes experimental cuts and slices, through the many musical styles and genres you will encounter as you take this pleasant trip to the pleasure senses in your brain !!  Mr Kito has an uncanny knack of taking any kind of sound and adapting it into his music in some way !! The one predictable thing about his music is it's unpredictability !!                                      
               The album opens with the dark & brooding "In The Colour Of Your Eyes" featuring some great instrumentation and xxxcellent guitar work, which is also quite evident on the next track "Where Are The Lizards" which is the title track !! "Embrace Carelessness" and "All Is Near" (next video release) feature some great experimental effects in both songs as well as a hypnotic slow groove !! "Feel You In Me" has a great bass line and depending on how you interpret the lyrics, erotically or not :-) And we now come to the last song "Awaiting" and we await no more!! This song is not only the best song on the album(In my opinion), but it almost didn't make it onto the album !! Eric told me he wrestled with the decision as to weather he should or shouldn't and I for one am very happy sanity prevailed lol ;-)  From the opening ocean waves, the great guitar work and the evocative synthesized vocals, this song would fit nicely on any early Pink Floyd/King Crimson album !! There are not many songs you can get lost in, but I'm still trying to find my way back from "Awaiting" !! 

Mr Kito - Awaiting 

"Where Are The Lizards?" is 5 STAR !!

For more info or to purchase "Where Are The Lizards?"  go to Mr Kito's website :


Keep on ROCKIN !!                                                                                                   Trike :-)