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Tuesday, December 31, 2013




                                  I first came across Deadman while surfing music on Reverbnation for my reg blog installment Trike's Trax of Fame in which they are featured Vol 271 Madrid ROCKS !! I was so floored by what I heard that I decided to feature them on "In The Spotlight"!  The first thing I noticed about Deadman was the gloom and cynicism in the lyrics !! Vocalist Steve Henty has a vocal style somewhere between Ian Curtis(Joy Division) and Brian Molko(Pacebo) . Henty , who also plays guitar along with bassist Dave Robinson & drummer Oscar Munoz give Deadman a sound full of dark passion and raw power that has a hypnotizing effect on the listner . Having grown up with bands like Joy Division , Bauhaus , The Pixies , those influences are what first drew me in and are quite evident throughout the album !
                                 The band is a 3 piece from Madrid  with Henty & Robinson hailing from UK , while Munoz grew up in Peru . The universal language & love of music somehow brought them together while in Spain . Deadman songs can be described as sombre before exploding into a fit of rage !! Very personal songs about bad relationships , bad life experiences , but in the end  it's all about surviving life !! You either move on or you get left behind !! As gentle as a lamb or as ferocious as a tiger Deadman is a rollercoaster of emotional twists and turns that infiltrates your mind !!
                                 This album has it all from the 80's alt influenced "Hear This" "Hating" , the punk influenced "Seropram Summer" "Looking Away" to the Placebo influenced "Without Me You're Nothing" !!  Listen to the first verse of "Gorgeous Waste of Time" in which Henty states  "You're such a divine wonderful gorgeous waste of time , Some kind of toxic inhalation gloriously overtaken , Sweet and so sublime"  Just pure brilliance !! Other standout tracks are "Walking Out The Door" , "Out Of My Head" where I keep hearing a classic Zep musical influence !! "Mantelpiece" is not just the last song on the album , but also the "best" !  A song that should be called "Masterpiece" because it is just that !!  This song is about feelings of contempt for a lover that you wish you could put in a frame on her mantelpiece !! It opens with the lyrics : "I wish I had a memory like you , nice and selective" and builds for 3 1/2 minutes before kicking your teeth down your throat for another 3 1/2 minutes !! 7 minutes of pure bliss !!  Like I said "Masterpiece" !!  A good album is when you like some of the songs , but a "great" album is when every song could be your fav song :-)  I highly recommend this self titled album by DEADMAN !! A must for any serious music collector :-) I have included links for you to listen to my 3 fav Deadman songs at this time :-) and also links so that you may purchase the album as well :-) LLB :-) Like Listen Buy !!

Gorgeous Waste Of Time
Out Of My Head


1. Without Me You're Nothing
2. Gorgeous Waste Of Time
3. Hating
4. Out Of My Head
5. Hear This
6. Walking Out The Door
7. Seropram Summer
8. Looking Away
9. Mantelpiece

Recorded at : Corleone Studios , Madrid , Spain
Produced , mastered & mixed by :
Jaime Zenora :

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Keep on ROCKIN !!
Trike :-)