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Thursday, November 07, 2013



                                       ORPHAN GRINDER

                Genre : Alternative/Rock/Industrial/Electronic
                        Started in May of 2008, in St Thomas,Ontario,Canada ,Orphan Grinder is the vision of Riley Eichler and Aaron Wallis come to fruition. Sick of a stagnation in new music clogging the airwaves they wanted to create a diverse and powerful sound. The idea behind Orphan Grinder's performance is a do-it-yourself attitude, minimalistic stage set up accompanied by big sound and lights. The use of driving guitar, distorted synths, vocoder and abrasive vocals, gives them a unique sound that sticks out at each and every performance.
                        They have shared the stage with such acts as: Chemlab, Cyanotic, 16 volt, MDM, Johnny Hollow and Promonium Jesters. They have played all over Southern Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and are planning on heading out west next year.
                        In 2009 they independently released a 5 track EP entitled Jesus Christ Inc. (which is now available for free to download on reverbnation),in May of 2010 "I4NI" another independent 5 track EP was released and has already seen some radio play (it is also streaming for free on reverbnation). On June 9th 2010 Orphan Grinder was voted for and won the "Most Popular Electronic Group" category at the London Music Awards.
                       With new songs always in the works, and more opportunities presenting themselves, who knows what is just beyond the horizon.  If you like bands like Nine Inch Nails , Ministry or Marilyn Manson , you'll <3LOVE<3 Orphan Grinder !! Check out the song links below !

                                       Orphan Grinder - Deep Water

                                       Orphan Grinder - Trauma Junkie 

Keep on ROCKIN !!
Trike :-)