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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

IN THE SPOTLIGHT !! Godsleep !!

                        TRIKE'S TRAX IN THE SPOTLIGHT !!


                                 One of the best bands I've heard this year - Trike's Trax        
                                           If you are wondering where some of the best heavy rock acts in the world are , look no further than Athens , Greece ! The music scene is alive and well !! One of the best bands I've heard this year is Godsleep . HEAVY vocals , HEAVY guitar , HEAVY bass , HEAVY drums ! This band is just plain HEAVY !! Imagine Black Sabbath with a guy that has a heavier and raunchier voice than Lemmy of Motorhead and that would be an accurate description of Godsleep !!
                                           The band has been together since 2010 and have released a promo EP with 4  tracks the same year , one of which competed against 272 other entries for a compilation CD in California . If you like the old classic heavy gothic rock sound , Godsleep is the band !! From the opening track Trouble Mind to 3 Stars , Blackwater and Smoke you will be left wanting more Godsleep !! They have also toured over the last 2 and a half years all over Greece playing many festivals like Freak Valley , Yellowstock and the Aquamaria Festivals !!
                                           Lead singer Kostas has such a dark , evil but controlled vocal style that kinda just grabs you by the throat just like the music does !!  Add to that Johnny's killer guitar riffs , Fred's heavy and clean bass lines  and the pounding drumming style of  Dennis and you have an incredibly heavy sound that is only GODSLEEP !! They are currently in the studio recording their first full length studio CD which should be out by years end !!
                                           Here are some songs links for you to enjoy and website links for you to check out !!

                                           Godsleep - Trouble Mind

                                               Godsleep - Blackwater

Godsleep links :

Keep on ROCKIN !!
Trike :-)