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Friday, June 07, 2013

             ALICE SWEET ALICE - RIBBONS & STONE review
                                           Release date : June 11/2013

             The saying "You get better with age " has never been so true as it is on Ribbons & Stone , the long awaited follow up to 2011's Mandala by Kansas City quartet Alice Sweet Alice ! The album was mixed , engineered and produced by  bassist Scott Martinez  and ASA . The flawless production brings the incredibly tight sound and musicianship of ASA  to the forefront ! They have never sounded better !!
                  It is very rare that a band's follow up album can be greater and even more rare that it can be "superb" !! Ribbons & Stone is just that superb and lyrically a little more optimistic and heavier than Mandala ! Ali Kat's vocals and piano are perfection throughout the album ! Scott Martinez's creative and innovative basslines are clean and clear .Energetic and superlative  are just 2 words to describe the drumming style of Billy Brown . Add to that Ron Bales flawless guitar and emotionally charged solos that you don't just hear but feel and you just may have "perfection" !! Four very talented musicians !  A modern day "Jefferson Airplane" !!
                 The influences of  Lacuna Coil , Halestorm , Pink Floyd , Jefferson Airplane , Megadeth , Motorhead and too many others to mention come to mind when you listen to Alice Sweet Alice . Add that to their own syle and you have a sound that is all Alice Sweet Alice !! Wheather it's the meaningful lyrics , catchy chorus or great hooks , you'll be "hooked" in no time ;-)
                 This album will provide you with multiple "eargasms" :-) From the Black Sabbath like opening riffs of title track Ribbons & Stone you'll be drawn in . Glorious Excess , Spiral and Heroes are songs that are XXXcellent with great lyrics melodies and a building climax !! Nothing but gems on this album ! The first single from the album is M.I.A. a song about holding out hope and has a chorus that gets right into your subconsious !!  The heavier side of ASA comes out on the "kick in the teeth"  Must Be Evil , the killer Around The World ft Scott on lead vocals and the in your face Breakout with Ali and Scott trading vocals back and forth is just pedal to the metal heaviest ASA and not recommended for city streets ;-) . For The Moment is a song that would fit on any radio station and is infectious and has a Fleetwood Mac with an edge sound and is a personal favorite !! Worth The Wait is the last song on the album and  is a beautiful ballad featuring  incredible vocals and piano by Ali Kat   and a perfectly placed flute by Darcie Bradford which is the icing on the cake !                  
                 They say albums define a band and Ribbons & Stone is an album that may well define Alice Sweet Alice and their future ! Catergorization aside , this album is your perscription for great "ROCK" !    Ribbons & Stone is a  Grand Slam !!!  For more Alice Sweet Alice info go to this link :
                 Alice Sweet Alice is also very interactive with their fans . They will always write you back :-) The ASA Army wants YOU !! You can also catch them on tour in support of Ribbons & Stone : July 4 Lake Ozarks,MO,US   @"Sports Pub at 2107" / July 6 Overland Park,KS,US   @"The Roxy"  / July 11 Des Moines,IA,US   @"Vaudville Mews"  / July 12 Chicago,IL,US @"Hard Rock Cafe"  / July 13  Ann Arbor,MI,US  @"A2 Festival" / Aug 22 Lake Ozarks,MO,US   @"Sports Pub at 2107"

Keep on ROCKIN !!
Trike :-)

                                         Listen to the new ASA single M.I.A.