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Sunday, March 24, 2013

            TRIKE'S TRAX of FAME  Vol 14
                                     This is a daily post focusing on some of today's bands and their  music . I will pick 3 songs daily ! There will be a link to each song so you can listen for yourself ! Also info on each band like their website , where they are from and what or who they sound like , but that as always is in the ears of the listener :-) My goal is to get you to listen and then it's all up to you ! Give each song a listen and then hopefully you will go to their website or the appropriate website to support them and purchase their music . Some of these bands also offer free downloads of some of their music as well .You can find these bands and their music on Twitter , Facebook , YouTube , iTunes , ReverbNation or Soundcloud where you can listen to songs  before you decide to buy ! You can also check your local records stores for their music ! In Moncton , Frank's Music !! Today's inductees all from my hometown here in Moncton , NB are : Wescut , 60LPs and Under Pressure Music  ! Awesome bands ! Don't forget to support all "LIVE" entertainment ! You don't only have a kickass time , but you help support the artist too ! Check these 3 great bands out and enjoy ! Moncton ROCKS !!

Wescut - Upcoming (2013)
Home base : Moncton , New Brunswick
Members : Wesley Thibodeau - Vocals/Guitar , Glen Bourgeois - Bass , Maxence Cormier - Drums
Sounds like : Dave Matthews , Ben Harper , Jon Mayer
Media :
Other media : Twitter , FaceBook , YouTube , MySpace , SoundCloud
                                                                  Next live show : NA

                                            Wescut - Bedtime Story

60LPs - In The Interest Of National Security (2013)
Home base : Moncton , New Brunswick
Members : Corey Hachey - Vocals , Matt Clowes - Guitar , Glen Farquhar  - Bass , Charline Gautreau - Drums
Sounds like : The White Stripes , The Artic Monkees , The Strokes
Media :
                                                                Other media : Twitter , ReverbNation ,                                                          
                                                                 Next live show : April 6 Igloo , Moncton NB

                                               60LPs - Return To Dust

Under Pressure Music - (2009)
Home base : Moncton , NB and Stratford , Ontario
Members : Gary Gardner and Doug Biggar
Sounds like : Alan Parsons , Mike Oldfield , Yes ,
Media :
Other media : Twitter , ReverbNation ,                                
                                                                   Next live show : NA

Gary and Dave live 1500 km away from each other and haven't been in the same room in over a decade ! They record in each of their studios and tracks are sent back and forth on Messenger to create their music . Take a listen , it's pretty impressive stuff. Nothing is the same twice and it's like nothing you have ever heard before !

                                                   Under Pressure Music - Too Late

                                                                                                                                              Keep on ROCKIN !!
                                                                                                                                              Trike :-)