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Wednesday, March 06, 2013


                This week on Trike's Trax after 7 long years the wait is finally over for fans of New Order !! The followup to 2005's Waiting For The Sirens Call  is now available . "Lost Sirens" was released Jan.14/2013 and is New Order's 9th studio album . This album has been sitting on a shelf  all these   years waiting to be released while the band and bassist Peter Hook were involved in a nasty legal battle . Although the legal battle is behind them , the hostilities still remain !
                      So there is both some good news and some bad news here . The bad is no more Peter Hook and his trademark Joy Division bass sound . Lost Sirens , as Hook's swan song with the band is a really good album and better than WFTSC ! This album has more of that classic New Order sound , but a little more edge to it on some songs . The good news is Gillian Gilbert is back with the band !! She joins Phil Cunningham , who was her replacement when she left the band and original members Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris ! Tom Chapman takes over on bass and has been with the band since 2011 . Word has them starting work on a NEW album later this year :-)
                       New Order's infectious dance beat hits you right in the face on the first two songs " I'll Stay With You" and "Sugarcane " before going for a jazzier feel on  "Recoil" ! The album then gets a little edgier with "California Grass" featuring a trademark Peter Hook bass solo that will take you back to Joy Division ! "Hellbent" with heavier guitar and funky beat is a song the band has been doing live since reforming in 2012 . "Shake It Up " is classic New Order and shows that they still have it . Has me thinking back to the Low Life , Brotherhood days ! "I've Got A Feeling " is a catchy top 40 pop type song that will have you thinking you may have heard it somewhere before . The jewel of the album may well be the final song " I Told You So" This is the darkest song on the album and is also a reworking of a song from Waiting For The Sirens Call which they have included on Lost Sirens ! The Velvet Underground , Joy Division influence is quite apparent :-)
                      Fans of the band will be happy with the album , although not their best , still a really good album . It was a long wait and I for one am not disappointed . Now that all the troubles from the past are finally behind them , they can get on with making some new New Order music ! The band that brought us maybe the best dance song of all time in "Blue Monday " is finally back !!
                     You can pick up your copy of New Order - Lost Sirens online or at your local record store . In Moncton , Franks Music !!

                                                                                                                                     Trike :-)