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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Vol 646 New Music Submissions !!

                    Today on Trike's Trax, we are checking out new music that has been submitted to the blog by 3 artists. Blitz Berlin, Jade The Moon & Rebecca Everett !! Give them a listen and check out their links. Remember the Trike's Trax motto : LLB !! Listen, Like, Buy !!

                       Blitz Berlin of Toronto, Ontario, first met the year after high school, and began touring in punk bands together shortly after, and later started to produce underground electronic music. Their first break was composing the critically acclaimed score for the 2014 feature film, Extraterrestrial. Since then, they have released a mixtape and several singles, attracting some  early buzz around the release of their debut album, "Distance" Oct 23/2015.  "Making music for movies is a completely different way to approach writing - you can kind of throw out the rule book, as long as what you do works well in a scene. I find it really inspiring to work that way. We wanted this album to feel kind of fun and reckless. If we’ve done it right, listening through should feel like a soundtrack to a very strange film."  You can LLB !! Listen, Like, Buy Blitz Berlin, at the links below !!



                            Jade The Moon is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The new album "Habits And Hindrance" will be out November 13 featuring the single "U Take Care," The lyrics for "U Take Care" can actually be perceived in so many ways. This track was conceived after a 3 day Foals listening binge and recorded loosely into a voice note similiar to a previous track. The track was built around the original voice note recording, which  actually makes several appearances on the final production of the song.  At first listen, it may sound like a love song, but if you listen closely its got a mean streak. The music is honest, creative & interactive. You can LLB !! Listen, Like, Buy Jade The Moon at the links below !!



                             Rebecca Everett comes to Trike's Trax from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Her new release and third record Seven Shades, released Oct 3rd, is dark, moody, melodic rock n roll with Rebecca's captivating vocals leading the way. Rebecca says "It's doubtful that any of this album could exist without periods of the obscurity and loss of faith, for we have to let our former stage of faith die to move onto the next. I think the fear of death arises because we have been programmed to believe we are an object. The creation of this album came from being in a space between loss and faith, a meditation that brings deep, dark hidden mysteries up to the surface to look at. You can LLB !! Listen, Like, Buy Rebecca Everett at the links below !!


Keep on ROCKIN !!
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